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Welcome to the Official website of Robert Hampson.
From what little is known, Robert Hampson's involvement in music began with the "seminal" UK pop-guitar band, Loop. Loop was formed in 1986 by Hampson, along with his then wife Bex on drums.

musically, Loop is most often compared to the likes of psychedelica freaks Spacemen 3, or shoe-gazing guitar-drone monsters My Bloody Valentine. they were touted as aggressive and hypnotic, with an angular guitar edge. a stripped-down post-punk ethic fused with healthy references to psych and krautrock. the band was in constant flux, most likely as Hampson worked to refine the focus of his musical goals. to that end, the band also saw a number of line-up changes over the years. with each subsequent release, the credits on the albums gradually became so arcane until nearly impossible to determine who really was involved with the music. it is conjectured that as members slowly drifted away, the lineup shaped up to being just Hampson in the end.

MAIN came into being around during the time Loop was winding down. their final album, A GILDED ETERNITY, was released in 1990. certain aspects of the album bear insight into the new direction Hampson was clearly heading toward. in fact, Hampson had already begun working to realize his ideas with the help of fellow Loop bandmate, Scott Dawson.[Encyclopedia of Popular Music]

In 1991, Loop did a tour of the UK with Godflesh. around the same time, a 12" by Main titled HYDRA was also released. shortly after the tour, Loop split up. at the same time, Paul Neville left Godflesh to work on his own project, Cable Regime, full time. with Neville's departure, Hampson breifly joined to fill the vacancy. they recorded PURE, which is Godflesh's most metallic album to date.

After a 1992 European tour, Hampson then left Godflesh in order to concentrate on Main. he was also burnt out after years of touring. in the wake of Loop's demise, bassist Neil MacKay and drummer John Wills started up the Hair and Skin Trading Company. Since 1992, Main was a duo of Hampson and Dawson with occaisional help from G.C. Green of Godflesh. Dawson parted ways with Hampson during a recent European tour.