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The Luxembourg Signal Remix

Robert has remixed The Luxembourg Signal's "Dying Star". It's avialble on 7/DL HERE

Other Activity

Robert has produced the new album by Younghusband, "Dissolver". It waas released on October 30th. Check it out here!


New Remix

Robert has remixed a track by Agnes Obel. it can be found on The Curse (Remixes) EP. I beleive it was only available digitally


Never say never - Loop reforms!

After years of saying Loop will never reform, something changed, perhaps his recent performance back with Godflesh while reforming 'their album 'Pure' (which Robert played on) at the Roadburn Festival when they played "Straight to your heart" with Robert on vocals (as an encore I'm presuming). Robert announced on his FB page that Loop is reforming for live shows for this year and next! More details will be announced soon on the Official site or at the Official FB page. Don't forget to visit my Loop site as well. Here is the line-up:

Robert Hampson (Guitar, Vocals)
Mr John Wills (Drums)
Mr Neil Mackay (Bass)
Mr Scott Dowson (Guitar)


New Main Album


Robert has recorded a new Main abum. It's due out in March. It's called 'Ablation'. Robert relaunched his Main project with several live gigs in 2012. Stephan Mathieu is Robert's partner in the new Main Pre-order here.

Other news
Robert is currently producing the 2nd Fauns LP. If you recall he remixed a track from the shoegaze band's debut s/t album a couple of years ago. The Main boxset is still in the works, although it may be a digital only release. I suspect it will be out in 2013

3 new solo releases

repercussions Signaux Suspended Robert released 3 new works in 2012. Signaux and Suspended Cadences where released on vinyl and digitally. Lastly, Répercussions on CD and 5.1 Surround DVD. Also available digitally

26.04.11. Trembling Blue Stars remix
Robert has remixed The Light Outside from from The Trembling Blue Stars (Ex-The Field Mice), last ever album which was released last year on Elefant (Spain) You may recall. The Field Mice covered Loop's Burning World. It will be released on May 16th on limited 10" orange vinyl and digitally.

Another remix
Robert remixed a track from the shoegaze band The Fauns debut s/t album, the track is Lovestruck (Tunnel of Love Mix) - remixed by Robert Hampson. This came out last year.

19.10.10. New remixes
Robert has remixed a track by Bell Gardens which is a new project with Brian McBride (Stars of the LId). The track is avaiable for free or you can donate. Robert has also remixed a track from The Trembling Blue Stars (Ex-The Field Mice). You may recall. The Field Mice covered Loop's Burning World. It will be released on an EP soon

Loop T-shirts
Robert says the Loop T-Shirts will be coming soon.

11.08.10. New Main Compilation
'Adrifting' by MAIN. This will compile now obscure and rare material from the post Beggar's Banquet activities of Main (Robert Hampson), collecting full length cds, eps and compilation tracks. A 3 CD set, remastered and re-packaged in a deluxe slip-case on the At The Surface label. Further news related to this will follow in due time.. I'm assuming At The Surface is Robert's new label, he doesn't keep me in the loop(!)

Robert on Facebook
Robert is now on facebook. I guess he has an internet stalker, so if you request him as a friend, you must expalin who you are. You can also keep up with his work activites with At The Surface.

Split 10" release
Here are the details of Robert's split relase with Cindytalk

Cindytalk / Robert Hampson
A Side: Cindytalk " Five Mountains Of Fire"
B Side: Robert Hampson "Antarctica Ends Here"
Label: Editions Mego
10" Vinyl
Two 9min 40s pieces. Although recorded separately at different times and in different environments, these piece complement each other in many ways. A continuity that threads it's path through the more visceral textures of Cindytalk's "Five Mountains Of Fire", it's influence taken from the Kyoto fire festivals, where huge Japanese Kanji symbols are literally burned on the mountains surrounding Kyoto, to Robert Hampson's "Antarctica Ends Here", where frozen minimalist piano notes, are timestretched to become sinuous multi-layered drones against a backdrop of field recordings of wind and large Bamboo plants rustling in the breeze.

Vectors release on Touch records
Robert's most recent album is Vectors on Touch records

10.03.08. Loop reissues
Visit Heaven's End, sister site to this site.

13.09.08. New release
Robert has a new release coming out on Touch in November

22.10.06. Forthcoming attractions
I have a new short piece "Nebulae (for Christian Zanesi)" on the next issue of Vibro Audio Magazine, more details go to the Vibefiles website

A sound remix of the "Brilliant Noise" film by the very wonderful Semiconductor, will feature amongst other artists, on a DVD that is released by FAT CAT. I don't have exact release date details on this and Vibro as yet, but will keep you posted.

Lastly, I'm appearing at one of the Sprawl Advent Series of concerts on Sunday December 10th. It's in the afternoon 2pm-7pm, for more details, look at the link in my events section at the top of the page. They've managed to persuade me to come out of hibernation and give my first UK performance in many, many years. It's also FREE, which is always a bonus, so please come down if you can.

08.05.06. Main's Last Statement
Robert Hampson is ending his Main guise. He will now record under his own name, Robert Hampson. The lat Main statement is and album on the N-REC label called 'Surcease.' Robert also has a track on one of their compilations and right now they have a special offer going on, buy 'Surcease' and the label comp for a special price.

First solo/collaberation
Robert recently collaberated with Steven Hess on an untitled CD ep on the Croutonlabel. He is going to release free downloadable mp3 series named MAPS on his site, beginning August 7th.

02.02.04. Main's Exosphere
There is a new Main release. It's called Exosphere and is on the Mort Aux Vaches label. I think it was released just this year. Here's a description from the record company.

The sound sources for this piece are derived from field recordings made in transit on a short series of Main concerts around Europe.

Most of Main's composition has a sense of movement and descriptive tone of space/ expanse which are often derived or inspired from field recordings that are site specific in a larger context. To change tact, I had the idea of documenting the almost forgotten part of a journey : The relatively short or connecting trips made between hotels and stations/ airports etc., which are often considered uninteresting, as we are mentally preparing for the bigger part of the journey.