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Main: Blown (Flight Mix) [Exclusive]
Various Artists - Deafening Divinities With Aural Affinities (1993)
CD GER Beggars Banquet: Bbq CD 4.99
CD US Beggars Banquet: ??
US release does not have this track

Main: Clear [Exclusive]
Various Artists - GHAFRAN (1993)
CD T.E.Q Music: MFTEQ 93/1
Comes with Book with interviews

Main: Crater Scar (Adrenocrhome) [Exclusive]
Various Artists - Ambient 4 Isolationism (1994)
CDx2 UK Virgin Records: 7243 8 39810 2 1 AMBT 4
Writer/Producer: Main
(Remix: Robert Hampson)

Main: Heat Relm (Live) [Exclusive]
Various Artists - Mind The Gap Volume 3 (1995)
CD ? Gonzo Circus: GC 009

Main: Occlusion [Exclusive]
Various Artists - Folds And Rhizomes (1995)
Sub Rosa/Utopian Diaries: Sr99
Written And Produced By Robert Hampson & Scott Dowson, Recorded And Mixed At Thirst, London, October 1995.

Gilbert/Hampson/Kendall: Quad [Exclusive]
Various Artists - 180 Degrees
CD UK Mute Records: Wire95

Robert Hampson: Electron Transport Chain [Exclusive]
Various Artists - Mesmer Variations (1995)
CD UK Ash International: Ash 1.8CD2
This release is dedicated to 'die Messmerischen'

Main: Used To [Exclusive]
Whore - Various Artists Play Wire (1995)
Recorded and mixed at Thirst. Produced by Main
(Main appear courtesy of Beggars Banquet)
"This has to be one of the hardest tasks for a self-confessed Wire bore like myself to do! How to try and sensibly convey the feeling I have for
them without racing into hyperbolical nonsense. Well, I can't...'154' will always be one of the most perfectly made records ever! And my
personal favourite. A huge god-like tome of influence, and totally untouchable. So it was to 'Chairs Missing' we turned and we reactivated a
version of 'Used To' which was due to appear on a (shelved) covers E.P. we were planning in 1993. It'll never match the original in atmosphere,
but we did try and take it another direction. When I work out exactly where it went I'll let you know!"
-- Robert Hampson

David Shea + Robert Hampson: Untitled 2 [Exclusive]
Various Artists: Shea>Rimbaud>Hampson (1996)
CD BEL Sub Rosa: quantum051
recorded live at upstairs at the 12.1996
sound.nacho joseph
photos.maria dawlat
design.inspiral icon
sub rosa live sessions, london may 1996, limited edition of 2000

Main: Live Firmament [Exclusive]
Various Artists: Scanner>Shea>Main (1996)
CD BEL Sub Rosa (Quantum102)
sub rosa event > music and films
recorded live at le 23.1996
sound.vincent roussel
photo.maria dawlat
design.inspiral icon
avec le support indispensable d'isabelle piechaczyk et de stephen jouannon
sub rosa live sessions, paris june 1996, limited edition of 1200

Main Remix Oval: SDII Audio Template [Exclusive]
Various Artists - Double Articulation (1997)
CD BEL Sub Rosa/Utopian Diaries: SR110
Remixed By Robert Hampson At Thirst. London. July-August 1996.

Oval V/S Main: SDII Audio Template [Exclusive]
David Shea And Robert Hampson: 27 Plants & 2 Trees [Exclusive]
Various Artists - Sub Rosa Underwood Two (1997)
CD BEL Sub Rosa: SR125
Oval V/S Main
From Double Articulation Sr110
David Shea And Robert Hampson
Cd Rom Track (14 Minutes)

Chasm: Epicycle [Exclusive]
Various Artists - Further Mutations LoRecordings volume 4 (1999)
CD UK Lo Recordings: LCD0
Written & Produced By Robert Hampson

Chasm: Phonn [Exclusive]
Various Artists - Split Series 1-8 (1999)
CD UK Fat Cat Records: FATCD08
Zone 9. Chasm

Main: Counterglow [Exclusive]
Mort Aux Vaches: Main/White Winged Moth/Flying Saucer Attack (2000)
CD NETH Staalplaat
Written By Robert Hampson,
Published By Momentum Music Ltd, 1998
Recorded And Mixed At Thirst

Main/Robert Hampson: Second Parabolic Mix [Exclusive]
Pousseur-Main-Jeck-Oval: 4 Parabolic (2003)
CDx2 BEL Sub Rosa: SR199
live recordings
trans-historical alterities
This idea of trans-historicity emerged in September 2000 when we presented a film on a forgotten merzbau by Kurt Schwitters, and a concert by Kurt Ralske. Soon after, Dirk Seghers, of the Beursschouwburg in Brussels, asked us to compile an hour of music from the catalogue we had published - which is when the idea of a temporal blend developed more clearly. At this time, we were working on the first volume of the anthology - where its very essence lies. These mixed parabolas, organised by Transculture and us, rapidly appeared as the first real event of this type. We then pursued this sort of work I various places, with different people, but always keeping in mind this concept of temporal blend.
In Nobember 2001, we had just published Henri Pousseur's 8 Parabolic Studies (8 ■tudes paraboliques) in a box of 4 CDs. These electric pieces had been created in 1972 in the WDR studios in Cologne (SR174). The idea was to ask other musicians, of different generations, to attempt a new mix in public on the basis of these eight studies.
The first mix (and not re-mix) was a re-interpretation by Henri Pousseur himself - this laid the foundation stone of the edifice. Contrary to the mixes carried out thirty years ago, these were made digitally. The second mix was Robert Hampson's - quite nervous of the master's reaction, who was present on the set. Robert, who holds an exhaustive knowledge of electronic music from its origins and of all its aspects - even of the more obscure ones - gave a personal but faithful interpretation of Pousseur's studies. Another degree of alteration was highlighted by Philip Jeck, who created a massive and powerful set, adding sounds from other sources (which is totally allowed according to Pousseur's original concept). And finally, Oval - according to the process that is quintessential to his work, Markus Popp could only produce a piece far removed from its sources; since it is within sound itself that all sonorous source passes through the ovalprocess, thus becoming ovalmusic - that is, music having its very own properties.
We already had an unstable timeline that spanned from the original to a radically different piece - engrossing intermediary stages of destructuring. It is precisely these stages that were reconstituted here. This recording is exactly what people listened to during the event. guy marc hinant.
recorded at Le Botanique, Brussels, 23 November 2001
during the Netd@ys Wallonie-Bruxelles Festival with support of the DG Education & Culture of the European Commission and of Le Botanique
all compositions based on 8 ■tudes paraboliques by Henri Pousseur
mastered at Thirst by Robert Hampson
designed by peter maybury
photos by Transcultures
produced by Sub Rosa & Transcultures with the help of La Communaut■ Franđaise de Belgique
Transhistorics - a way of bringing together electronic music / artists from different eras through events, exhibitions and projects co-produced by Sub Rosa and Transcultures

Main: Hysteresis [Exclusive]
Various Artists - Floating Foundations Vol. 1 (21 January, 2002) )
CD BEL Sub RosaLabel: SR 146 CD

Time Dilation (Main 'our Light' Remix) [Exclusive]
Stars As Eyes: Loud New Shit (2003)
CD US Tigerbeat6: Meow086
Remixed At Thirst, London